Offer Your Home Better Security With the Help of an IP Camera

While the technology has been around for a decade, it's only recently that users have realised the benefits of IP camera-based systems. The system converts images and audio into data for transmission via a local network or the Internet. You can use the system for supervising and monitoring your home, no matter where you have gone for a holiday. IP security camera CCTV systems bring you these major benefits:

Better Image Quality

An IP system offers you much higher resolution images, with most of them offering you a range of 2-12 megapixels. The network video recorder (NVR) unit also records the high resolution, so you have the same detail levels as the live image during playback or for taking stills. A resolution of more than 2MP means that you can zoom into recorded images without picture pixilation. This is an important feature when trying to read a vehicle's licence plate or identifying a home intruder.

Limitless Expansion Opportunities

Connect an IP camera to the closest existing network switch to take the signal back to an NVR. This translates to the use of less wiring compared to an analogue system. Further, the ability to integrate an IP camera to your wireless network offers you unlimited expansion. You have the option of using power over Ethernet (PoE) through specific signal cable types to power the cameras. On top of this, an IP camera offers you a wider field of view. Since IP surveillance utilises data networks, use the Internet to transport the data to wherever you are, as long as, you can access an Internet connection. This offers you a proactive means of monitoring and playing back recorded footage over a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Better Video Analytics

An IP camera can decipher any changes between images to detect motion, which then triggers alerts, recording, alarms and anything else you can do with a computer. The IP system highlights or flags events depending on specific parameters you feed it. For instance, the camera reads and records license plates to a database of all vehicles that drive up your driveway. This IP camera's back-end functionality is a true time and money saver that makes a huge difference in home security.

A CCTV professional can help you achieve these and more benefits of an IP camera system. Do you know what your surveillance requirements are? If you are not sure, an expert in CCTV installation will provide you with critical insight that makes your home safer.