Convincing Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Construction Site

Although running into trained security personnel is something you do regularly, you likely associate these guards with heavily guarded commercial spaces such as corporate buildings, shopping malls and so on. But have you ever considered enlisting these services for your project? If you are planning a residential construction project, you must start looking at ways to keep the site secure.

Leaving the site unguarded throughout the project poses a safety risk not only to the team you have hired but also to the unfinished structure itself! Admittedly, this is an extra expense to bear. Nonetheless, before you write it off as an optional measure, here are some convincing reasons to hire security guards for your construction site.

Safeguard against theft and vandalism

To the untrained eye, a construction site may seem like a barren wasteland that does not offer much in terms of monetary value. But once you embark on this project, you understand that this is far from the truth. Building supplies, and quality materials at that, are incredibly expensive. From stealing concrete blocks to fibre cement cladding, copper roofing supplies and even copper plumbing hardware, a burglar can make a considerable profit from looting your site.

Furthermore, vandalism is also a major concern, as some hoodlums simply take pleasure in trashing unsupervised sites. Consequently, you can lose thousands of dollars in damaged construction supplies. When you invest in a team of security guards, you are investing in your project by ensuring the timeline is not disrupted by having to replace stolen or damaged materials.

Bolster safety

Although the primary reason for hiring this personnel is to enhance security, this is not the only way their services can be beneficial to you and your construction site. When you factor in all the hazards posed at construction sites, it is easy to fathom that an accident is just one slip up away from happening. And even when the construction workers are trained in the right safety measures, they are human and can easily overlook rusty nails strewn on the ground, loosely secured scaffolding and so on.

While the construction workers are concentrating on the project at hand, the security guards can keep an eye out on potential safety hazards and help with averting a potential accident. Moreover, the hired security guards can reinforce the wearing of protective gear, keeping bystanders away, ensuring heavy construction equipment is being operated correctly and so on.