Why Is Fitting a Security Screen Door a Good Idea?

There can be little doubt that fitting a security screen door to the entrance of your home or business premises is a smart move. Firstly, modern security screen doors look stylish. In the past, they were extremely functional in their appearance which put many people off them. However, you can find some great looking products these days which will add to the visual appeal of your property as well as safeguarding it from unwarranted entry. Why else might you consider installing security screen doors? Read on to find out.

Robust Materials

The first thing to say about security screens that go into existing doorways is that they are made of much tougher materials than conventional doors. All too often, it is possible to shoulder charge down a front door. If that fails, then using a crowbar to prise it away from its frame is likely to be possible. With security screen doors, however, durable materials like steel tend to be favoured which means that they are much harder to force open. Because they are screens, not full doors, they are not too heavy to open and shut either. Once you have locked them, you will instantly feel more secure inside because of their heavy-duty construction.

Improved Aeration

When you have a screen over your door to prevent unwanted access, you can leave your main door open. In turn, this will mean that you are able to get more air flowing throughout your property. Ideally, you will have a security screen over your front door and one over your back door, thereby allowing air to move freely everywhere. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, it will help to ensure that you do not feel too stifled by low air quality because you are worried about having your doors open during the day. Secondly, improved aeration helps to prevent the build-up of spores and other irritants. People with respiratory conditions need more airflow and security screen doors mean they can enjoy better ventilation without being concerned about security.

Keep Bugs Out

Most security screen doors can be supplied with a mesh that means even very small insects will not be able to come into your home. This is a good move if you intend on keeping your doorways open in the evening when your internal lights will be on, something that will attract the interest of flying insects, of course. You can also expect the same feature will help to keep spiders at bay, too.

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