Why You May Want to Use CCTV Inside Your Home

When you're considering CCTV for a residential property, you're probably focusing on the areas outside your home. However, there are some cases where CCTV can prove useful on the inside too.

Common Entryways

If you live in an apartment, it's wise to add CCTV to the common entryways you share with your neighbours. With increased traffic through the door that gives access to your block comes an increased risk that an intruder could sneak in. Additionally, some residents may forget to lock the front door or they may leave it open for parcel deliveries. In all cases, having CCTV in a common entryway acts as a deterrent to thieves. It can also prove useful in rooms that residents use for storing parcels and mail, as it can prevent people from touching your stuff.

Monitoring Pets

If you regularly spend time away from home, you may use a pet sitter's services. It's natural to want to make sure that your pets are receiving the care that they deserve while you're away. Similarly, you may want the assurance that they seem happy and comfortable at home when you're not there. By installing a security camera in the room your pet occupies, you can get the reassurance you need while you're away from home. It's wise to make sure you inform your pet sitter that you have CCTV, though.

Watching Children

While you won't want to monitor everything your children do until they reach adulthood, CCTV can prove very useful in their earlier years. For example, once babies become mobile they're more likely to find their way out of their cot and wander around their room rather than sleeping. Additionally, when they can roll over onto their tummies there's always the concern that they'll accidentally pull their blankets over their heads. By having CCTV that you can look at from time to time, you can reassure yourself that your little one is safe when you're not in the room with them.

Lowering Insurance

If you keep expensive collectors' items in your home, your insurance will cost more than most other people's. One way to potentially lower your insurance is by installing a security camera in the room where you keep your goods. After installing the camera, make sure you inform the insurance company that you use. If the camera stops working for any reason, you'll need to update the insurance company until someone comes out to fix it.