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  The objective of this site is to identify and define the various manufacturers and models of the JEEP FORWARD CONTROL toy trucks miniatures for the benefit and enjoyment of those who appreciate Jeep FC trucks – and to perpetuate the legacy of the Jeep FC.  
This is probably the world's largest collection of Jeep FC-150 truck models. I drive a 1957 FC-150 and started this collection through happening to see a FC model on e-bay in July 2002...then another and another. Thanks to e-bay, these trucks were acquired from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland,  Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain,Sweden, the U.K., and 34 states of the U.S.   A special thanks is extended to all of my old friends and to my new e-bay friends who have assisted me by notifying me whenever they have seen a Jeep FC truck.
I have now acquired examples of most of the trucks that were ever produced, and continue to watch for other models and unique variations of the current models.  I find it particularly interesting that so many different toy models were produced of this unique (and obscure) vehicle, and the majority were produced in Japan, India, China, Germany, Norway, Spain and the U.K. - rather than in the U.S.

It is my intent to share – through descriptions and photographs - the information that I have acquired. This will take a while, but I will first post a list of all known manufacturers and display typical photographs of their production, then as time permits I will add more photographs, descriptions, variations, etc.
  I welcome and solicit any additional information that can be offered regarding FC model trucks...and I will attempt to answer questions and assist collectors to the best of my knowledge (which is limited). Please e-mail me with any information or questions...I am Bill at "".  
  I will begin selling many of my duplicates through e-bay. Of course I will keep the best of each model and those special unique models. You can add me to your Favorite Seller list on e-bay to watch for my auctions – my ebay name is SLCgateway.
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